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Nothing has killed me yet.
Not even you.

*nothing is mine*


“ Let’s be the same wound if we must bleed.
Let’s fight side by side, even if the enemy
is ourselves: I am yours, you are mine. ”

—    Tommy Olofsson, Sweden. (via queencersei)

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Only way to relax
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Alright car nerds, settle this debate!



trying to get a hold of an extra set of wheels and tires to use for track days on the car, and my dad shows me a set with all-weather tires that are going cheap. He’s saying I can take them racing, that the only thing that matters is the softness rating on them and not the tread pattern or…

I’m not sure about the direct affect on performance due to a different tread pattern, but, in theory, given two ties of the same softness and dimension, the tire with the most surface area in contact with the road would offer the most grip.

I assume that the basic difference in all weather and performance treads is the amount of surface area, all-weather having less to better channel shit from under the tire.

As far as the difference in a 255/45 and a 255/50, it’s the ratio of sidewall to the width of the tread so the 45 would have a shorter sidewall and in theory be more rigid.

Let’s get more knowledgeable people in here, grindingthegears, hakosukajapan, that911, chadbee, calpan @eveybody.

“ I want to make you smile and I want to make you cum.
I want to hold your hand and I want to hold your hips down while you’re writhing.
I want to make your eyes light up and I want to make them roll in the back of your head.
I want to be your reason to wake up and your reason to stay in bed.
I want to kiss your wounds and I want you to leave them on my back.
I want to play with your hair while you sleep and I want to feel it between my fingers while you are on top of me.
I want to memorize the repetition of your breathing and I want to memorize the sporadics of your moaning.
I want to see the arch in your grin and I want to feel the arch in your back before you collapse.
I want to go out to dinner with you and I want to go down on you.
I want to to feel you in my heart and I want to feel you inside me.
I want to make you laugh and I want to make you scream.
I want to still be able to taste you in the morning.
I want you in every form. ”

—    (trm) Desire  (via suchvodka)

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